The Unanswered

My life is filled with unanswered calls

And waiting messages;

Messages that take flight

Only to crash land

Sometimes in the most beautiful islands,

While others in deep soups.

So there I am drowning swimming

Making a life out of whatever I have,

Even if it means shredding myself to pieces

Just to keep somebody else whole,

Or drinking wine made of somebody else’s pain;

That burns your stomach to the core

Engraving it forever with the feeling of contemplation.

Author: Driti wadwa

Because of my quirky experiences around the world this blog will be flooded with instances that will leave you laughing and poems that are deeper than the Mariana trench. A quote that defines me 'you have galaxies inside your head, stop letting people tell you you cannot shine'.Through this blog I hope to entertain you to the fullest ! Feel free to comment and suggest.

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