Athens is the capital of Greece. The city was named Athens after its patroness Athens the Greek god of wisdom. It is said from a myth that both Athena and Poseidon requested to be patrons of the city so they competed against each other. Poseidon offered the city naval power symbolized by a spring he had created and Athena offered the city peace and prosperity. The Athenians chose peace and prosperity hence the city was named Athens.athens.jpg

It is one of the largest cities in Greece. If you go to the last floor in a building you will be able to see just how vast the city is. This city also houses the acropolis, it is said that the Greek gods resided in the Parthenon. The acropolis of Athens was an ancient Greek civilization on a rocky hill, which is also the highest point of the city. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities. You will be able to get these ancient vibes from the architecture, the art, the history and the philosophy. But this city also has this modern charm to it especially how it comes to life at night. From the port you can a see a sea of sparkling lights, the view is beautiful enough to ‘take your breadth away.’ This city is also known for how it comes to life at night. I remember strolling through the narrow streets with people behind us bursting into laughter for no reason. They were so lively and happy that my family and I couldn’t help but feel the same even though were very jet lagged. Athens in all its glory is one of the most beautiful cities especially when the sun goes down!


Author: Driti wadwa

Because of my quirky experiences around the world this blog will be flooded with instances that will leave you laughing and poems that are deeper than the Mariana trench. A quote that defines me 'you have galaxies inside your head, stop letting people tell you you cannot shine'.Through this blog I hope to entertain you to the fullest ! Feel free to comment and suggest.

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