When I was 12 I visited Madrid the capital city of Spain with my family. I remember all of us taking turns carrying my little cousin because she was really tiny and she got tired really fast. This city is a fun city. One of the main attractions is the plaza major which is a square, bueno retiro park and museo national de prado.


Apart from all of these places the food over here is amazing. The paella is very famous…. its almost like Spanish biryani but with sea food…the only reason I’m still a non-vegetarian is because of sea food. Ironically in Spain seafood is considered vegetarian.Unknown.jpg

I also fell in love with this alcoholic drink called sangria, it’s Spains signature drink. Any restaurant you go to will have a massive jug of this beautiful beans of wine, brandy and fruit. My cousin Muku and I sneakily had more then a few sips from my mums glass when she wasn’t looking. I still remember how we were stumbling on the streets after dinner 😛RU237105.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg

The bullfight that happens there is brutal…. I couldn’t sit there longer than 20 minutes so I pulled my family out. People over there were drinking beer laughing while the bull was slaughtered to death…but everything happens in good spirits! Spain is a wonder and I would love to go there again!




Author: Driti wadwa

Because of my quirky experiences around the world this blog will be flooded with instances that will leave you laughing and poems that are deeper than the Mariana trench. A quote that defines me 'you have galaxies inside your head, stop letting people tell you you cannot shine'.Through this blog I hope to entertain you to the fullest ! Feel free to comment and suggest.

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