The Unanswered

My life is filled with unanswered calls

And waiting messages;

Messages that take flight

Only to crash land

Sometimes in the most beautiful islands,

While others in deep soups.

So there I am drowning swimming

Making a life out of whatever I have,

Even if it means shredding myself to pieces

Just to keep somebody else whole,

Or drinking wine made of somebody else’s pain;

That burns your stomach to the core

Engraving it forever with the feeling of contemplation.


Santorini: The Land of the Stars


This is a picture of Oia, Santorini, Greece pronounced as Iia. Greece has approximately 3000 islands out of which 150 are inhabited. Keeping that in mind Santorini is a must to visit, mainly because of its calming atmosphere and of course Oia. This island has survived and lived through the wraths of mother nature, in the form of volcanic eruptions big enough to create a whole island(named Niakameni), tsunamis that destroyed 80% of the land and an earthquake that left the island with very little life. In spite of all of that Santorini managed to salvage whatever beauty was left in the land and preserve it as it was. When I look at this picture I think about how stars although may not be seen in the sky can be found on the ground right next to you. Santorini during the day is equally beautiful as the entire island is dotted with white houses and blue domes. This is the most picturesque spot perfect for taking an instagram or just taking it all in with your eyes and living in the moment. This island is known for wine, as the climate is perfect for growing grapes. My favourite memory is of me sipping rosé (pink wine) while the sun lightly grazes my skin while looking at it set.IMG_2935.jpgpicture courtesy:Driti Wadwa

The Sound of Silence

I am tired, tried and tested.

Waited for the best to forfeit.

Keep the façade on for a little longer;

No one will know.

They say life is just a dream

But life is meant to sleep

For there’s nothing to stay awake for,

Nothing but being tired, tried and tested and tried again;

Only to land in the hands of peoples judgments.

Hope is just a lie

For those who needn’t be afraid,

Afraid of anything at all,

Not even love.

I can’t hold it together any longer

My body will not permit.

I need be only a few seconds from a Crocin.

But oh well life goes on !

The sun will rise and your world will turn around;

Upside down

Sending you and everybody in it

Into a whorl wind of confusion;

Confused except for that one person

Who knew this was meant to happen!

So fly or drown or swim or remain,

Remain just as you are…. Silent

Ever so silent,

Like the clouds approaching during the monsoons;

Like negativity creeping up in the form of content;

Like the sound of your heart when you need to listen to it.

This is me!

Because of my quirky experiences around the world this blog will be flooded with instances that will leave you laughing and poems that are deeper than the Mariana trench. A quote that defines me ‘you have galaxies inside your head, stop letting people tell you you cannot shine’.Through this blog I hope to entertain you to the fullest ! Feel free to comment and suggest.Image-1.jpg