Washed Away by Smoke


This poem has bad language and dark content. So you know the drill :p

I am not a girl

Who drowns herself in smoke;

That gives you a high.

I am not a girl;

Who drowns herself in smoke

That gives you a high,

Locked up in a room with people to stand by.

Where pictures are all you take.

To give what it takes

To be that girl again,

The girl who gave a fuck,

Or even a girl who was aware of giving two fucks.

But now it’s all washed away,

Not by tears but as smoke.

Smoke that gives you a high

And camouflages all your fears.

Only for you to wake up one day and realize;

What you have done….

Have you done anything at all?

As you fly high so do your aspirations and dreams,

They fly away with it.

What gives me the inspiration you ask,

I say whatever’s not in your hands.

Baking your lungs into cookies

That should’ve been long removed.

But darling aren’t we all cookie dough?